Carry On Carrying On

“Certain sections of the press seem to have sore misgivings about my plans. I told them to put some talcum powder on them. It’s time to Carry On Regardless!”

An aging film producer has the chance to resurrect his past cinematic successes by revitalizing the Carry-On franchise with a brand-new film. Saucy seaside humor, double entendre, and cheeky sexual innuendo. Just what a millennial audience wants, right?

Haunted by past successes, and friends and colleagues long since gone, he is determined to secure his legacy and pull off one of the biggest cinematic comebacks of all time – a brand new Carry On film!

But should the past be revisited? Or is the Carry On brand better left alone – the product of a bygone time?

A new play about aging, the human spirit, and changing attitudes, and of course an affectionate tribute to the Carry On films, one of the most successful film franchises in British cinema history.

Cast (alphabetical Order)

To be Announced